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The difficulties of working in Haiti, past funding waste, and a general sentiment that Haiti cannot be helped have contributed to a decline in philanthropic resources going to Haiti. Funders and practitioners alike are concerned and uncertain about the best response to the recent escalation of violence and civil unrest in the country.  Haiti Now! brings together an engaged community of people committed to supporting the social and economic development of Haiti to explore how strategic investments can play a pivotal role in supporting true systematic change.

At Haiti Now! we will:

  • Provide an understanding of the Haitian landscape, including its rich history and current political context. 

  • Provide information about promising practices and programs that already exist in Haiti.

  • Ask ourselves hard questions about the effectiveness of our work.

  • Consider new approaches needed to improve outcomes. 

  • Delve into how to truly operationalize collabor-ation and collective impact.

  • Imagine what else is possible and sustainable.

How will Haiti Now! be different?

We will:

  • Emphasize making and doing over talking.

  • Focus on planning over critiquing.

  • Connect, understand, and share. No pitching.

  • Create a space to confront and share failure.

  • Encourage longer term engagement versus "one-off" experiences.

  • Develop a shared narrative with clear stories about what is possible.

  • Build up to “how to” moments.

In order to encourage maximum participation by funders new and old in this important event, and thanks to our generous sponsors, there is no registration fee to attend the conference.